The Temple Dancers’ Curse
Rs. 299/-Rs. 274/-
Series: Eternal Visitation
Genres: Paranormal thriller, Psychological thriller
Length: Full length novel
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9789351967705
When the Keepers of an ancient Hoysala curse are plagued by a series of supernatural possessions with inscriptions burnt into their flesh, Sanya Rawat - a psychologist with a morbid past - finds herself unwittingly drawn yet again into a battle of wits and fortitude with her past-life nemesis as she has to decode the inscriptions to deny her nemesis the one thing he has been mercilessly hunting for centuries - her mortal life.
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Sanya Rawat-Chaddha, a psychoanalyst with the Bangalore city crime department, gets a phone call that turns her life on its head. Seven hundred kilometers away, a garish woman has been murdered in Basavakalyan. The investigating officer, Chandrakant Kademani, informs Sanya that her name has been found inscribed on the dead woman’s torso in a strange, ancient dialect. Learning that Sanya herself had committed the homicide of a crazed Englishwoman four years earlier, Chandrakant concludes that the two incidents are somehow connected.

As the duo team up to investigate the strange phenomenon, similar killings occur in nearby towns in a paradoxically random yet decipherable pattern. All victims belong to a specific community and are found dead with inscriptions in the ancient dialect cauterized on their torsos. Sanya and Chandrakant realize that the inscriptions on the victims’ bodies are related to an ancient curse and contain ominous clues to what lies in wait for Sanya.

How are the present killings and Sanya’s act of homicide four years earlier connected? Who is behind the macabre killings? Who are the victims and why are they being selectively targeted due to their community? What do the strange inscriptions mean and what sinister end do they prophesy for Sanya? Sanya realizes that the answers to these questions lie on a path that is destined to take her hurtling to her doom. Yet, she has to take the path to stop an ancient curse from coming true and pushing her closer to the precipice of death.

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